About Us

Refinry is a software development concern headquartered in Victoria, BC, Canada. We make online services and software of all kinds.

Yes, "Refinry" is spelled that way on purpose. It was the style at the time.

Our Products

Later for Reddit

Later for Reddit is a post scheduler for Reddit. Use the analysis tool to find the best time to post, then schedule your post and get a full night's sleep for once you addict.

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Address Bin

Address Bin is a simple e-mail marketing solution built for everyone. Build a simple opt-in form and use your existing email client to send drip campaigns or ordinary mailers to your subscribers.

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Link Optimizer

Affiliate Link Optimizer is a Wordpress plugin that lets you easily rotate, cloak, and track affiliate links in your posts, pages, and widgets. But, the secret sauce is the optimization algorithm, which automatically split-tests your link text and prioritizes the winner, without you doing a single thing.

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