Affiliate Link Optimizer for Wordpress

Automatically split test your text links

Link Optimizer provides the link cloaking, rotation, tracking, and centralized management you expect from most link-rotation plugins. But, link optimizer comes with a secret weapon.

By tracking both hits and clicks, Link Optimizer provides automatic conversion optimization algorithm for your link sets. You just set up your rotations, and Link Optimizer will display your most successful link text.

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How it works

Link Optimizer tracks whenever your links are shown (hits), and whenever they're clicked. On page views, when deciding which link to show, it chooses the one with the highest click-through rate. (10% of the time, it picks a link at random, just to make sure all links are well-tested).

This is known as multi-armed bandit optimization, and it has some serious math behind it. But all you need to know is that, once you set up your links, Link Optimizer will put split-testing on auto-pilot and make sure you maximize the returns on your affiliate links

How to use it

With just three easy steps, you can start optimizing your blog today:

  • Create a group for your links
  • Add as many links as you like to the set, varying the link text
  • In your posts, pages, and text widgets, insert the special tag [linkoptimizer:X], which you can find in the admin page.

That's it! You've just created a split-test experiment. Your links will optimize themselves to choose the best-converting option, no more action required.

Still have questions? Why not check out the User Guide?

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