Affiliate Link Optimizer for Wordpress

User Guide

Installing Affiliate Link Optimizer

When you purchase Affilite Link Optimizer, you will be emailed a .zip file containing the plugin. Affilite Link Optimizer can be installed using the standard process.

Log into your Wordpress site's admin and click on "Plugins". Find the "Add New" button next to the page header and click on it. Next, click on "Upload Plugin" and upload the `.zip` file. After the upload finishes, all that remains is to activate the plugin, which you should do now.

Alternately, you can just unzip the plugin `.zip` file into your `wp-content/plugins` folder in the usual way.

First Steps

Let's take a quick tour outlining how you might start using Link Optimizer. Log into your Wordpress Admin

First, create a new set. A "set" is what Affiliate Link Optimizer calls a group of different links that it will rotate through. Click on the + New Set button.

Next, you should give your set a name and a short link. Let's set those to "My Set" and "my-set" for now.

Pick a Rotation Strategy for your links. This will determine what algorithm is used to show them. The flat option shows links at random with even weight, while the "Epsilon-Greedy Bandit" rotation will apply the optimization described below to attempt to maximize clicks on your links.

You'll want to add at least two links to your set. You can just add one, but you won't gain any benefit save click tracking. Let's add two. Click the + Add Link button twice, and enter the following link text and url into the fields that appear:

  • Click here to learn more about myurl1 (
  • Click here to learn more about myurl2 (

Now, you need to Save your changes. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Save

Choosing a Rotation Strategy

Choose the "Epsilon-Greedy Bandit Rotation" if you want your links to be automatically optimized. As your links are shown, hits and clicks are tracked, and the link with the best ratio is shown (10% of the time, a random link is shown instead, allowing the algorithm to self-correct).

For some use cases, this may not be the ideal. In that case, you may choose "Flat" rotation to get a predictable, evenly-weighted random rotation.

Using your Link Group

There are several ways to use your newly created link set:

In-post substitution

In the Tag field of your link, there will be a value that looks like [linkoptimizer:x] , probably [linkoptimizer:1] . You can insert that value into your posts, pages, or text widgets, and it will automatically be replaced with one of the links you've defined. Which link is chosen is optimized based on which link has gotten the most clicks in the past, using a special algorithm to ensure you get the most clickthroughs.

For example, if you create a new text widget with the text "[linkoptimizer:1]", and put it in your sidebar, you'll see one of the links you defined above in its place. At first, the links will alternate as you refresh the page. If you click one of them, you will see a preference for that link emerge, until you've refreshed the page enough times that the links' ratio of views to clicks have evened out again, at which point they will continue to alternate.

Short Links

A quick way to use your link set is to use the short link. You can find your short link in the Link Optimizer options, next to your set's title.

Anyone navigating to this url will be randomly redirected to one of your sets' links. Since nothing is known about how the link was accessed, this feature cannot be optimized, and so hits and clicks will not be recorded to avoid skewing the algorithm's decisions.

Uses for Affilite Link Optimizer

Link Text Split Testing

One great way to use Affiliate Link Optimizer is to vary the link text of your affiliate links to automatically select the variant that gets the most clicks.

Just set up a Link Set with the different link texts you want to test, using the same affiliate URL for each one. For example, you might test different calls-to-action:

  • Some affiliate service.
  • Try some affiliate service today!
  • Click here to try some affiliate service!

Link Rotation

If you want to split-test several pages on your site against each other, and you already have some way of tracking conversions, you can use Affilite Link Optimizer to randomly assign visitors to your variants and record the number of hits. Either use the special tag in your posts, or direct people to your short link from paid advertisements or from social media such as twitter and facebook.

Short Links

No need to install a short link plugin if you have Affilite Link Optimizer. Just create a link set with whatever short link you like, and just one url. Voila!

Click Tracking

Make sure your clicks are being recorded correctly by your affiliates by using Affilite Link Optimizer's built-in tracking.

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